Tsubaki Camellias, Inc.

Tsubaki Camellias, Inc.

Tsubaki Camellias, Inc.

Address 8706 Whitefield Avenue
Savannah, GA  31046
Email info@tsubakicamellias.com
Link http://tsubakicamellias.wordpress.com/
Phone (912) 388-1963
Shipping Yes

Tsubaki Camellias is a mail order business.  We accept orders from qualified wholesale growers only.  

Orders are filled in the order they are received.  You can place an order for immediate or future shipment.  Either way, your order will be due and payable at the time you place your order.

Please call for an appointment if you would like to visit us.  Voicemail & Text:  (912) 388-1963

Tsubaki Camellias (prounounced “sue-bah-key”) may have a Japanese sounding name, but our company was born and bred in America with an overwhelming desire to make camellias a major part of every landscape.

The initial seed for Tsubaki Camellias was planted in 1959 in Savannah by Francis Eugene Phillips at his business known as Gene’s Nursery. He grew the best camellias and azaleas available in coffee cans and sold them with love and pride. Over a half century later, the business that he started has grown into an even bigger dream. Our vision is slightly larger than the one Francis had way back when, but the love and passion that he put into every camellia is still the same with Tsubaki Camellias today.

At one time in America, camellias were royalty in most gardens, but unfortunately that time has become a distant memory. At Tsubaki Camellias, we want to restore camellias to that important place in the garden. To make this happen, we realize that camellias have to be looked at through a landscape filter instead of being judged on value by just the beauty of individual flowers. There are literally tens of thousands of camellia varieties that all have lots of beautiful blooms. Although this is nice and interesting, we are looking to find the best camellias for the landscape. Camellias that are disease and insect resistant, good growing plants with interesting foliage even when not in bloom, heavy bud setters and consistent bloomers, and ones that are easy to grow by ordinary gardeners are the type of camellias that Tsubaki Camellias is interested in growing and selling to the wholesale industry. Simply put, we only want to grow and sell only the best landscape camellias.

Tsubaki Camellias and was built to supply a need in the nursery industry. Part of the reason why camellias have lost their status in the garden is the lack of good landscape camellias being available to nurseries, garden centers, landscapers, and ultimately the home gardener.    We have over a half century of experience in growing camellias, and we are prepared to help you grow top notch camellias by sharing this knowledge with you. When you purchase Tsubaki  Camellias, not only will you begin with the best possible source for camellias, but you also get our expertise. We are right there with you every step of the way. We want you to be successful, because if you are making money from camellias it also increases interest in our business.

At Tsubaki Camellias, we only grow and sell superior landscape camellias to the wholesale industry. We are constantly trialling existing camellia varieties and developing new ones to meet the needs and expectations of your customers. Varieties that are easy to grow, make beautiful plants, and are great flower producers make your job of selling them easy. A simple formula that allows you to add camellias to your inventory without having to pay much higher prices for ready to sell plants from the few camellia growers that exist today.  With Tsubaki Camellias, you can grow the camellias that your customers want and make money providing a product that you can be proud of.