James House Camellia Garden

James House Camellia Garden

James House Camellia Garden

Address 208 North Dennis Avenue
Bishopville, SC 29010

Mailing address:
215 S. Heyward Street
Bishopville, SC 29010
Link http://www.nationalregister.sc.gov/lee/S10817731013/index.htm
Phone 803-428-3300
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Hours of Operation Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

About the Garden
The William Apollos James House, built in 1903 and substantially altered in 1911, is significant as an example of an early twentieth-century vernacular rendition of a Colonial Revival style residence which grew from a modest Folk Victorian cottage. It was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on October 6, 1999.

The house was built in 1903 as a lateral-gabled, one-story Folk Victorian cottage with a center gabled dormer. It was occupied by the James family in January 1904. A second story with hip roof, as well as a hip roofed wraparound porch with boxed classical piers, was added in 1911.

The house follows the standard central-hall with four-over-four pattern of rooms. The front door, which is original, is framed by a three-light transom and three lights along each side with square and rectangular underpanels. It is also significant for its association with William Apollos James (1857-1930), prominent state representative, agriculturalist, businessman, and community leader of Lee County. Important too is the collection of historic and interesting flora contained within its ornamental and fruit garden.

The house is situated in a setting of mature trees and shrubs, and the historic landscape contributes to the significance of the property.

About the Camellia Collection
Total number of camellia plants:   60
Number of distinct camellia cultivars or species: 5

The principle shrub of the side garden is the camellia, where there are at least 50 different varieties, including multiple plantings of 'Elizabeth Arden', 'Magnoliaflora', 'Pink Perfection', 'Rosea Superba', 'Betty Sheffield', 'Debutante', 'Rev. John Drayton', 'White Empress', 'Lady Clare', 'Marie Bracey', 'Ville de Nantes', 'Mathoniana Supreme', 'Wildfire', 'Lady Vansittart', 'Kramer's Supreme', 'Adolphe Audusson', 'Silver Waves', 'Gen. George Patton', 'Kumasaka', 'Prince Eugene Napoleon', and 'Faith'.