Pensacola Camellia Club

Pensacola Camellia Club

Pensacola Camellia Club

Facility Address Post Office Box 707
Pensacola, FL  32591
Town Pensacola
State FL
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The Pensacola Camellia Club was founded in 1937 as the Pensacola Men's Camellia Club making it one of the oldest clubs in the US.  In 1989 the charter was changed allowing membership to women.  There are currently over 200 members, approximately equal in gender. Of course, now both men and women of all ages are encouraged to join.
The purpose of The Pensacola Camellia Club is:

  • To foster and maintain an interest in camellias and their culture
  • To promote the study of camellias
  • To provide an opportunity for their exhibition and appreciation
  • To aid and assist in the standardization of the camellia nomenclature
  • To recognize those individuals who have enhanced the camellia in our society
Regular Meetings
We meet on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. for the social with the meeting starting at 7:00 p.m. The meetings are held in the Garden Center at 1850 N. Ninth Avenue, Pensacola, FL 32533. The meetings end in April and resume in September. You can call (850) 780-0410 for more information or visit the Club's website  To read PCC's newsletters, click here.

To learn what a camellia show entails, see the Pensacola Camellia Club’s 79 Annual Camellia Show Video (approx. 15 minutes): Click here to view video.

For date, location and hours of Pensacola's Camellia Show in December 2023, Click here.

Norman Vickers at the University of West Florida Camellia Garden maintained by the Pensacola Camellia Club.

Club members in UWF Camellia Garden.

Ribbon Cutting and Dedication of UWF Camellia Garden.

Prize Winning Camellia Blooms from the Pensacola Camellia Show

Photo credit: Michael Spooneybarger

Roger Vinson, member of Pensacola Camellia Club and past president of the American Camellia Society, checks list to assure the blooms are properly placed.  (Normally judges for the camellia show are from out of town.)  Vinson sees that judges all follow prescribed rules of the ACS for this show.

John Davy, member of PCC and 3 time past president of PCC serves as clerk—note brown clerk’s apron--and assures that bloom is placed in proper category.

Blooms assembled for judging.

Approximately 1500 blooms were displayed at last year’s show at Wright Place.

Selecting the major prizes.  Note clerks from our Pensacola Club with brown aprons.