ACS Registration Number 1532
Year Registered 1978

 The 8-year-old seedling first bloomed in 1974.

The 8-year-old hybrid seedling of hybrid (C. japonica 'Kramer's Supreme' x C. hybrid 'Fragrant Pink Improved') first bloomed in 1974 commercially introduced 1977. It was originated by Dr. William L. Ackerman, Washington, DC.

The medium sized 4.25" wide and 2" deep peony form flower is shell pink and has 18 petals, 16 petaloids, yellow-orange anthers and creamy white filaments. Deep spicy fragrance; floriferous, blooms hold well and shed from the plant at senescence.

Plant: Plant growth is upright, average and medium in rate.

Leaf: dark green leaves are  3.5" long and 1.5" wide.

Bloom Season: Midseason