Funny Face Betty

Funny Face Betty

Funny Face Betty

ACS Registration Number 608
Year Registered 1962

This  C. japonica is a sport of 'Betty Sheffield' was first observed 1955 at Tammia Nursery, Slidell, Louisiana.

Bloom: The medium to large semi-double to peony form bloom is blush pink, changing to neyron rose (HCC.623/1) with white stamens.

Plant: Average growth rate, compact growth habit.

Leaf: Glossy, rich green, oval, 4.1" X by 2.56", apex prominent acuminate, serrations shallow with black pointed tips.

Bloom season: Midseason.

Synonyms: 'Charming Betty', 'Charming Betty Sheffield'. Chinese synonym: 'Guaimian Beidi'.  Sport: 'Funny Face Betty Variegated'.