Things to Do at Massee Lane Gardens

Things to Do at Massee Lane Gardens

Things to Do at Massee Lane Gardens

What you get for a $5 Entrance Fee?

I hear all the time that there's not much to do here at Massee Lane Gardens. I suppose that's in the eye of the beholder because there's no place I'd rather be. God's nature and serenity leaves me speechless.  The sight of a hummingbird stealthing about, or a variety of butterflies all in the same spot, the goldfish or koi swimming and jumping about, thousands of camellia and other blooms throughout the year, and all the critters! 

Goodness!  There's deer, rabbits, frogs, lizards, fox squirrels, and more to delight my heart every day here. And the music of nature brings my spirit to a perfect calm.  The maze at the Children's Garden is an interesting stroll for adults, too. The Japanese Garden sitting house is my favorite place for daily devotion and meditation, and I never tire of the Boehm porcelain pieces.  Exquisite!   I could admire this large collection every day for a year and always see something new that I missed before. Its history is amazing. And, oh, the learning advantages! 

An entire library of books for researching plants - how to propogate them, prune them, plant them, care for them - is incredible. And if I don't feel like reading, I could listen to William Khoury, our horticulturist, for as long as he's willing to talk.  I don't think he ever tires of talking about plants and he's the best friend you'll ever have.  I could hold a family or business meeting here during business hours. I could have a picnic by the Environmental Garden or walk the Butterfly Trail for therapy. Massee Lane Gardens offers the best backdrops for photography or I could set up my easel and try my hand at painting some beautiful scenes, or I could Tic Toc my way to fame on social media.  

I could hold an areobics or other class here, or, I could reach deep into my pockets and help Massee Lane Gardens stay open for my pleasure or simply buy something from the gift shop - birthdays, Christmas, etc. - I'm always needing a gift for someone special and a Camellia plant always makes the perfect gift.  That supports Massee Lane Gardens, too.  

Nothing to do here?  You have got to be kidding me! It's the most valuable $5 I'll ever spend.  Give me a call and let me know what you like to do here?  My name is Iris Brand, Gift Shop Coordinator, and I would really like to hear from you.  (478) 967-2358. You can buy your entrance fee ahead below or download Things to Do at Massee Lane Gardens.  Better yet, buy a membership here and come in free after for as long as you maintain membership.  Membership also allows you free or reduced entry into 345 other gardens including the Atlanta Botanical.  It's a deal too good to refuse.