Contact the American Camellia Society

Contact the American Camellia Society

Contact the American Camellia Society

American Camellia Society
Headquarters: Massee Lane Gardens
100 Massee Lane
Fort Valley, Georgia  31030
(478) 967-2358

General Questions About the American Camellia Society and Massee Lane Gardens

Call Toll Free: (877) 422-6355

Horticultural Questions

The American Camellia Society's Senior Gardener, William Khoury, is available to answer all of your camellia identification, care and culture questions. Email your question and photographs of your blooms and plants to, or call (478) 967-2358 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern.

About The American Camellia Society

The American Camellia Society is a national membership organization dedicated to fostering appreciation for and knowledge of plants of the genus Camellia. Founded in 1945, the Society is headquartered at Massee Lane Gardens near Fort Valley in central Georgia. Massee Lane Gardens has nine acres of camellia plantings and an additional twenty-plus acres devoted to specialty gardens and collections. Massee Lane Gardens is an International Garden of Excellence. The American Camellia Society is a member of the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta and of The International Camellia Society. The Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.The American Camellia Society:
  • sponsors a variety of educational activities
  • offers various publications
  • helps sponsor scientific research
  • sanctions camellia flower shows and accredits camellia show judges
  • oversees varietal registration of new camellia cultivars
  • is central to organized camellia activity in the United States 

American Camellia Society Membership Benefits

Options are available for both online and hardcopy versions of The Camellia Journal and American Camellia Yearbooks.  A single or joint membership holds the same membership cost of only $30.00 per year.  Electronic memberships (online publications only) are available at only $20.00 a year.
  • Quarterly issues of The Camellia Journal with brilliant full-color and informative articles on camellias and camellia-related events. You will want to see our latest stories by experienced camellia growers and friends throughout the United States who share the same love of the camellia evergreen plant.
  • A copy of the American Camellia Yearbook, an annual collection of scientific reports and technical research editorials with illustrative photography, recent discoveries, camellia history, and useful concepts for growing or displaying camellias.
  • Online access to additional publications and educational resources.
  • A ten percent discount on ACS Gift Shop purchases at Massee Lane Gardens and our online Gift Shop.
  • A copy of Camellia Culture, with detailed information on camellia care and propagation, a copy of illustrated, full-color pamphlets on Camellia Diseases and Camellia Insects.
  • Free admission to Massee Lane Gardens, headquarters of the American Camellia Society.
  • Free or reduced admissions to participating gardens available through the American Horticultural Society's Reciprocal Admissions Program (click here for details and participating gardens).
  • National conventions with competitive camellia shows, tours, and other fun-filled activities.
  • Educational workshops, a speakers bureau, and extensive camellia library, camellia fact sheets, and contact information for camellia nurseries.