Naming and Registering New Cultivars

Naming and Registering New Cultivars

Instructions for registering a new camellia cultivar.

Camellia Cultivar Registration Checklist

Follow these guidelines to prepare your cultivar registration application. It can be helpful to prepare the attachments before starting the online application at the link located at the bottom of the page.

Information about the plant is needed to complete the application.
1.   The plant must have bloomed at least four seasons and be unique.
2.    What type of camellia is it? (japonica, sasanqua, hybrid, reticulate, or other)
3.    Is it a controlled cross, chance seedling or a mutation?
4.    What is the bloom form? (single, semi-double, anemone, full peony, loose peony, rose form double and formal double)
5.    What is the bloom color? What is the bloom size?
6.    What is the growth habit of the plant?
7.    What is the leaf size color and serration?
Four photographs must accompany the application.
1.    Frontal view of the bloom.     Front View Sample Image
2.    Profile view of the bloom.      Profile View Sample Image
3.    Growth habit of the plant.      Plant View Sample Image
4.    Frontal view with ruler.          Front View With Ruler Sample Image

Applicant, originator, propagator and cultivar name information are required.
1.    The applicant's name and contact information.
2.    The propagator's name, city and state.
3.    The originator's name, city and state.
4.    Proposed cultivar name.
5.    The names of the two judges that are signing off on the cultivar.
6.    Written authorization is required from persons whose names are proposed for new cultivars.

How to Submit Your Application
1.    Fill out your application using the above information to complete it.
2.    Attach photos in the appropriate boxes.
3.    Press the submit button at the bottom of application.  Please wait for the window to open for the shopping cart.
4.    Pay your $10.00 processing fee.

Camellia Nomenclature

The Camellia Nomenclature is published by the Southern California Camellia Society (SCCS) as the nomenclature publication. Supplement of new registrations and approved changes to the most recently published edition can also be  on the Southern California Camellia Society Web site. 


Naming and Registering New Cultivars