Hulyn Smith Videos

In the Fall of 2010 a series of interviews of Camellia Legend Hulyn Smith were recorded by J. D. Thomerson of Valdosta, Georgia. The topics are wide-ranging, humorous and full of valuable information.

Hulyn Smith of Valdosta, Georgia was the thirty-second president of the American Camellia Society, serving from 2005 to 2007. Smith helped develop a strategic plan for Massee Lane Gardens and oversaw the revision of the rules and regulations governing camellia shows. He is known for his work with plant pathologists on camellia diseases, DNA researchers on the differentiation between species, and specialists on the feasibility of producing camellia oil commercially. Smith developed many controlled hybrids, some of which are the most widely grown and shown flowers. He and his wife Janet were elected to the Tablet of Honor in 2010.