ACS Leadership Application

ACS Leadership Application

ACS Leadership Application

Leadership in the American Camellia Society is open to all members in good standing. Please fill out the application below indicating the position in which you are interested.

All applications will be considered by the ACS Board Development Committee which qualifies and slates candidates for the positions to be filled.

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Fill in and click the submit button on the bottom of this form to send the information to the Board Development Committee.

Click here to read the criteria for ACS Trust and Board of Director Positions.

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ACS Board of Directors' Vice President Vacancy to be filled by July 1, 2021 are:

Slated by Board Development: Yes
Elected by Region: Non-regional
Term Length: Two Years
Responsibilities Specific:
Shall preside in the absence of the president.
Promote membership.
Any duties that the board or president shall deem necessary for the vice president to perform.
Shall preside over the Council of State Directors and report to the Board on behalf of the Council.

If you have any questions about this form or the nominating process, please email or call ACS Headquarters at (877) 422-6355 and ask for Matthew Israel, ACS Executive Director.

All questions labeled with an asterisk (*) are required and must be answered in order to submit the form.