ACS New Cultivar Naming Form - Honorarium / In Memoriam

ACS New Cultivar Naming Form - Honorarium / In Memoriam

ACS New Cultivar Naming Form - Honorarium / In Memoriam

ACS New Cultivar Naming Form
Honorarium / In Memoriam

Lady Ruth Ritter
C. japonica 'Miss Gladys'

Introduction to Honorarium / In Memoriam Camellia Certificate

An Honorarium / In Memoriam Camellia Certificate is an official certificate presented by the American Camellia Society to recognize the naming of an original camellia seedling or sport (mutation) in honor or memory of a family member or friend. Any individual may apply by following the instructions, submitting the application and fee for this certificate to ACS. If the original camellia is approved, the applicant will receive a signed certificate from the Executive Director officially recognizing the camellia and the individual for which it honors or memorializes. In addition, the ACS will notify the general public and its members by posting the certificate information on its website and in the upcoming Camellia Journal published quarterly.

This must be an Original Cultivar
The Cultivar must NOT be a variegated form of an existing Cultivar


The American Camellia Society Honorarium / In Memoriam Certificate is offered as an alternative to a traditional new camellia cultivar registration. The honorary/memorial certificate is intended for applicants who do not participate as exhibitors in ACS sanctioned camellia shows and do not plan to propagate their honorary/memorial camellia for distribution, other than to family and friends. Camellia cultivars which are certified as an honorary or memorial will not be published in the upcoming Camellia Nomenclature which is updated and published periodically by the Southern California Camellia Society. An approved application for a new cultivar registration is required for inclusion into the Camellia Nomenclature. It is the official reference used by plant breeders, nurseries, public gardens, and judges at ACS sanctioned camellia shows. Honorary and memorial certified camellias are not eligible for traditional show awards but may be exhibited and recognized with a special award when offered at the discretion of camellia show officials. If you are a show exhibitor, or plan to propagate and distribute your camellia cultivar extensively, please review the introduction and instructions to apply for a new cultivar registration.

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. The form will not submit if any required fields are left blank.

  It can be helpful to review and/or print the Cultivar Naming Checklist before typing the bloom information into the form to be sure that you have all the details at your fingertips.

Picture Requirements

  • It is mandatory that you include at least THREE (3) color, high resolution digital electronic photographs (approximately 1 megabytes each is optimum - a maximum of 10 megabytes each) with your application.
    • The easiest way is to attach your photographs in the "ACS Cultivar Registration Form - Honorarium / In Memoriam" - see below.
    • If you would like to submit larger photographs, you may email them directly to Matthew Israel at Attach each photo to a separate email message to ensure the email server's file size limit is not exceeded.
    • If you prefer to mail photographs, they must be high-resolution, electronic images and submitted on a humb drive. Printed photos are not acceptable.
  • Please make certain that two different views of your flower are presented: (1) a frontal view looking into the face (top) of the bloom with NO measuring device present and (2) a side view showing the bloom height.
  • In addition please submit (3) an overall view of the plant showing its growth habit and (4) a frontal view looking into the face (top) of the bloom with a measuring device present.
  • For photograph (4) please include a coin or ruler in your picture to show relative size of bloom.
  • It is requested that you take the photographs in "Landscape" format (an aspect ratio of 4:3 is best).
  • Photograph (1) will be used for the American Camellia Journal
By submitting your pictures to ACS, you hereby agree and acknowledge that you are releasing any right, title and interest you may have in said pictures and you further agree that upon submission, the pictures shall become the sole property of the American Camellia Society ("ACS") and the ACS may use the pictures in its sole and absolute discretion in, among other things, ACS publications, fliers and on this website.

Cultivar Naming Permission Form

Written authorization is required from persons whose names are proposed for new cultivars. You should download the Cultivar Naming Permission Form (PDF) and (1) fill it out and get the appropriate signature, (2) scan the document into a pdf and attach it in the application form - see below. If you cannot scan it, you can mail it to American Camellia Society, Attention: Matthew Israel, 100 Massee Lane, Ft. Valley, Georgia 31030.

Naming Your New Cultivar

Click here to open - ACS Cultivar Naming Form - Honorarium / In Memoriam

After you submit your ACS Cultivar Naming Form and pay the $30 fee, you will receive an email from JotForm with the title "We have received your response from ACS - Cultivar Naming" showing the results of what you filled in. If you find mistake(s)/omission(s) in your form, you can click on the link (located on the top of your email - see format below) to make corrections and/or add omissions. Suibmit your form again; DO NOT PAY AN ADDITIONAL $30 FEE!
"Update Data Submission - Edit Submission"

Please make your correction(s)/omission(s) with 3 days!

If you need assistance, please call or email Matthew Israel at the ACS Headquarters. (877) 422-6355 or