ACS Instructional Videos

Learn about camellia care and culture with video demonstrations by expert growers and hybridizers.
  • Hulyn Smith Videos

    In the Fall of 2010 a series of interviews of Camellia Legend Hulyn Smith were recorded by J. D. Thomerson of Valdosta, Georgia. The topics are wide-ranging, humorous and full of valuable information.

  • Disbudding and Gibbing Demonstration by Mark Crawford

    Mark Crawford is the owner of Loch Laurel Nursery, which specializes in camellias and citrus. Crawford holds degrees in Plant Science and Plant Pathology, and has 16 years of experience with agricultural chemicals.

  • Bark Grafting Demonstration by Mark Crawford

    View a bark grafting demonstration by Mark Crawford of Loch Laurel Nursery. Late Summer is the best time of year to bark graft!

  • Traditional Grafting by Alton Lefebvre

    View a traditional grafting demonstrations by Alton Lefebvre of Gulfport, Mississippi.

  • Waxing Camellias

    Two articles and a video provide instructions on waxing camellia blossoms to extend the life of cut flowers.