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Information related to American Camellia Society Organization and Membership

American Camellia Trail Gardens
Membership Beneftis
Member Account Creation and Password Reset Instructions (CURRENT MEMBERS ONLY)
American Horticultural Society's Reciprocal Admissions Program
Local Clubs and Societies
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Show Calendar, Show Results, Register A Show, Report Show Results
How to Become a Camellia Show Judge
List of Accredited Camellia Show Judges (LOG IN TO VIEW)
Novice Judge Application
Novice Judge Evaluation Form
Accredited Judge Application
Application for Judge Re-Accredation
Judging School Instructor's Toolkit
ACS Camellia Judging Rules and Regulations: Governing Procedures and Judging of American Camellia Society Cooperative Shows
Cooperative Show Tool Kit (Exhibition Cards, Head Table Cards, Alphabet Cards)
Update Club Contact Information
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Update Membership Information
Contact Information for ACS Staff and Officers

Governing Information

ACS Strategic Plan
Massee Lane Gardens Strategic Plan
ACS Bylaws
ACS Articles of Incorporation
Board of Directors
Board of Directors Information
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes (LOG IN TO VIEW)
ACS Trust Members, Articles of Incorporation and Criteria
Trust Directors Information
Council of State Directors
ACS State Director Information
ACS Standing Committees
ACS Non-Standing Committee

Other Clubs and Societies

Local clubs and societies

Publications and Library

Listing of C. sasanqua, C. hiemalis & C. vernalis Varieties From the United States, Australia and New Zealand
ACS Archival Library
Camellia  Nomenclature and Supplements
The Camellia Journal   (LOG IN TO VIEW)
The Camellia Yearbook   (LOG IN TO VIEW)
ACS Camellia Judging Rules and Regulations: Governing Procedures and Judging of American Camellia Society Cooperative Shows

Gardens Tab

Information about Massee Lane Gardens

Donate and Support
Plant Sales October through April Only
Visiting Massee Lane Gardens, Cost & Directions
Volunteering at Massee Lane Gardens & ACS

Resources Tab

Camellia Care and Culture Resources

General Culture and Requirements
Air Layering
Grafting in China
insects and diseases
Camellia Care Fact Sheets (LOG IN TO VIEW)
Camellia Species and Relatives
Camellia Breeding
Camellias Registered by ACS  2000 to Present and Reg. Nos. 1-100
Naming and Registering New Cultivars
Instructional Videos

Other Resources

Camellia Encyclopedia
Presentations (LOG IN TO VIEW)
Instructional Videos
Speakers Bureau
Photographing Camellias
Waxing Camellias


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