About The American Camellia Society

About The American Camellia Society

Contact information for ACS Officers and Staff

The American Camellia Society
100 Massee Lane
Fort Valley, Georgia 31030

Toll Free: (877) 422-6355
Telephone: (478) 967-2358
Fax: (478) 967-2083

The purposes of this non-profit corporation, as stated in its articles of incorporation, are to promote interest in the Genus Camellia L., scientific research in its culture, standardization of its varietal names, certification of new varieties, dissemination of information concerning the above, the creation of a foundation to further these purposes, and to promote the organization and affiliation of local Camellia Societies in the United States.

The ACS is a self-sufficient, national membership society committed to continually building its membership through offering world-class products, leading in camellia research and education, and being supported by efficient and effective organizational systems; which also owns and maintains a self-sufficient, public garden at Massee Lane in Fort Valley, Georgia, serving camellia lovers nationally, as well as residents of, and visitors to, the region.

American Camellia Society Officers

Position Name Residence Email Address
President James Dickson North Augusta, SC cjdickson@bellsouth.net
Vice President Bradford King Arcadia, CA bdk@usc.edu
Secretary Patrick Andrews Citra, FL patrickandrews@att.net
Treasurer Robert Stroud Slidell, LA rastroud@bellsouth.net
Past President James Campbell Covington, LA rivercamellia@bellsouth.net

American Camellia Society Staff Contacts

Position Name E-mail Address
Executive Director Celeste M. Richard crichard@americancamellias.org
Horticulture & Gardening Questions William Khoury wkhoury@americancamellias.org
Membership Coordinator Lorie Huff lhuff@americancamellias.org
Administrative Assistant Julie Layfield jlayfield@americancamellias.org
Gift Shop Andrea McCleese amccleese@americancamellias.org
Website, Publications, Shop Online Celeste M. Richard crichard@americancamellias.org

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About The American Camellia Society