The Camellia Family

There are many members in the Camellia Family! Enjoy learning about the many diverse species and all that they have to offer in this group of articles on Camellia Species, Camellia Relatives, Everblooming Camellias, Cold Hardy Camellias, Fragrant Camellias and Yellow Camellias.
  • Camellia Species

    There are over 250 known species to the genus Camellia. Find out more about the characteristics of some of the most popular found today!

  • Camellia Relatives

    Named for Ben Franklin, this plant is now extinct in the wild. It has similar characteristics to it's cousin the Camellia.

  • Cold Hardy Camellia Families

    With the development of cold hardy camellias, gardeners are enjoying camellias in regions where they've never grown before! Growing camellias beyond the Camellia Belt requires decidedly different cultural practices than those recommended in the south.

  • Some Like it Cold

    For many years, camellias have been enjoyed by gardeners of America in what has been usually described as “The Camellia Belt.”

  • Fragrant Camellias

    Hold your noses roses, Camellias are smelling sweet these days!

  • Yellow Camellias

    John Wang describes his hybridization efforts towards developing yellow flowering camellias.

  • Camellia Sinensis-Backyard Tea

    There is more history to tea than you might think - a short history of tea.

  • Making Tea and Other Products from Camellia Sinensis

    Camellia sinensis is used to make products for cooking, cosmetics, landscape-garden use to making tea, tea oil, etc.

  • From Coast to Coast

    The articles from the 1946 Yearbook give insight into what people had to say about their camellias way back then!!!! One fellow was even growing camellias outside on Long Island.