Marie Kirk

Marie Kirk

Marie Kirk

ACS Registration Number 2521
Year Registered 2000

This 14-year-old chance C. sasanqua seedling fitst bloomed in 1992. It was originated by Dr. Arthur A. Kirk, of Portsmouth, VA and propagated by Bob Black, Bennett's Creek Nursery, Suffolk, VA.

Bloom: The small 2.5"- 3" x 1 x 1.25"white rose form to formal double flower has 36 heart shaped petals with heavy petal texture, 4 yellow anthers, white filaments, and shows unique form.

Plant: Uptight, vigorous growth with landscape spossibilities. Blooms profusely.

Leaf: Leaves are 2.5"-3" x 1.25"

Bloom Season: Early

Photo by Mike Chelednik