Larry's Camellias

Larry's Camellias

Larry's Camellias

Facility Address P.O. Box 447
Waverly, Florida 3387
Phone (863) 557-3727
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Owners: Larry C. White and Delores White

In 1977 I graduated with a B.S. Degree in Horticulture from Florida Southern College, Lakeland, Florida. In 1978 I started my on business. During my 40 years as an Irrigation and Landscape Contractor we became interested in the Camellia and fell in love with the Genus. Our interest began about 20 years ago after planting 30 or so varieties on our 5 acres. As I prepared for retirement in 2018 I wanted to get more involved with the growing knowledge of how to propagate and cultivate this plant.

I was able to purchase in 2016 a good number of 25-year-old plus Camellias from the late John W. Shirah Camellia Nursery in Lakeland. This endeaver took 4 months to save about 75% of Mr. Shirahs camellias by digging and potting them on site. We have about 2,000 camellias now and like all camellia lovers have to have just one more!

We have 3 gal to 65 gal. plants in containers only. All of our Camellias are by cutting, airlayer or on-site removel.

"Our motto is no Camellia left behind."

Open by appointment only.

Please call or email for information.
(863) 557-3727