Plants for Sale at Massee Lane Gardens!

Plants for Sale at Massee Lane Gardens!

Massee Lane Gardens offers live camellias and companion plants for sale each year from October through April. Plants must be purchased at Massee Lane Gardens Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 to 4:30 and Sundays from 1:00 to 4:30.

ACS Members Receive a 10% Discount!

List Updated Ajpril 1, 2020

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Most camellia plants are in 3 gallon pots. Varieties marked with an asterisk (*) are in two gallon pots.

Click on the variety names in green to view a bloom photograph and plant information.

Image shown: 'Wynne Raynar'
Camellia Variety   Species   Quantity   Price
Big Daddy   Camellia japonica   2   26 *
Cinnamon Scentsation   Camellia hybrid   4   28
Cloisonne   Camellia japonica   3   28
Don-Mac   Camellia japonica   4   28
Falling Star   Camellia sasanqua   1   28
Gee Homeyer   Camellia japonica   5   28
Helen Bower   Camellia japonica   4   28
High Fragrance   Camellia hybrid   2   28
Hulyn Smith   Camellia reticulata   1   38
Kramer's Supreme   Camellia japonica   5   28
Lady Clare   Camellia japonica   5   28
Maroon and Gold   Camellia japonica   4   28
Mary Phoebe Taylor   Camellia hybrid   4   28
Mrs. Charles Cobb   Camellia japonica   3   28
Nina Avery
  Camellia japonica   4   28
Paula Deen   Camellia japonica   1   26 *
Pirates Gold Var.   Camellia japonica   1   28
Pleasant Memories   Camellia reticulata   4   38
Pleasant Memories Var.   Camellia reticulata   1   38
Rebel Yell   Camellia japonica   1   28
Royal Velvet Var.   Camellia japonica   1   28
Ruth Vickers Fullwood   Camellia japonica   1   26 *
Shishigashira   Camellia sasanqua   1   28
Spring Festival   Camellia hybrid   3   28
Victory White   Camellia japonica   1   28
Wendy Red   Camellia japonica   1   26 *
Wynne Raynar  
Camellia hybrid
  3   28

Companion Plants (Three Gallon Pots)

Massee Lane Tea Olive
Osmanthus fragrans 'Massee Lane' +
Daphne Odora Marginata White
Daphne odora Marginata White~
Sold Out 38
Daphne Odora Marginata Pink Daphne odora Marginata Pink~ Sold Out 38
Daphne Odora Greenleaf Pink Daphne odora Greenleaf Pink~ Sold Out 38
Daphne Odora White Green Leaf (One Gallon Pot)~ Sold Out 18

+ Osmanthus fragrans 'Massee Lane'
Propagated from plants at Massee Lane Gardens, headquarters of the American Camellia Society. Very fragrant blooms at least 7 months of the year, from Fall to Spring.

~ Daphne odora (winter daphne)
A species of flowering plant in the family Thymelaeaceae, native to China, later spread to Japan and Korea. It is an evergreen shrub, grown for its very fragrant, fleshy, pale-pink, tubular flowers, each with 4 spreading lobes, and for its glossy foliage. It rarely fruits, producing red berries after flowering.

The Latin specific epithet odora means "fragrant".

It grows best in fertile, slightly acid, peaty, well-drained soils. It grows in full sun or partial shade, and is hardy to −10 °C (14 °F), possibly lower. In Korea, the plant is also poetically called "churihyang" – a thousand-mile scent – referring to the fragrance of the foliage. In Japan, the plant is more commonly known as "jinchoge".


Plants for Sale at Massee Lane Gardens!