Ocala Show Results - 2024

Ocala Show Results - 2024

American Camellia Society

Show Results
Ocala, FL
January 27, 2024

C. reticulata 'Adrienne Boueres'
Ocala Camellia Society
January 27 - 28, 2024
Ocala Golf Club
3130 East Silver Springs Boulevard
Ocala, Florida 34470

Show Chairman - Ann Greenwood
Reporter - Jill Verlander Reed
Head Judge/Chairperson of Judges - Brian Dick & Majorie Hendon

Certified Judges - Patrick Andrews, Bob Weidman, Margaret Locke, Judy Whalen, Bart Maris, Charles Russ, Sandra Wyche, Louis Raska, John Swanson, Jerry Hogsette, Kay Thomerson

Novice Judges - Kathryn Sickling, Natalie Brook

1067 Blooms Exhibited
500 Attendees
43 Exhibitors
10 ACS Memberships Sold


Gold Certificate (unprotected): 78 Blue Ribbons, Bart Maris
Silver Certificate (unprotected): 51 Blue Ribbons, J. D. & Kay Thomerson


Best Bloom in Show unprotected:
BB: 'Adrienne Boueres', Bart Maris
RU: 'Mark Alan Var.', Bart Maris

C. japonica unprotected:
VLg: 'Paul Haskee', Louis & Joanne Raska
RU: 'Lauren Tudor', Louis & Joanne Raska
Lg. 'Sweetie Pie Red', Charles Russ
RU: 'Bart Colbert Var.', Louis & Joanne Raska
Md: 'Lady Laura', Bart Maris
RU: 'Dixie Knight Supreme', Mike & Judy Whalen
Sm: 'Tudor Baby Var.', Louis & Joanne Raska
RU: 'Will Sargent', Louis & Joanne Raska

C. reticulata (Inc. hybrids w/retic parent) unprotected:
VLg: 'Lee Roy Smith', Charles & Donna Nichols
RU: 'Fine Pure', Bart Maris
Lg: 'Phyllis Hunt', Louis & Joanne Raska
RU: 'Adoring Pure', Bart Maris
Sm/Md: 'TitleTown USA', Charles & Donna Nichols
RU: 'Jenny Maphis', Bart Maris

C. hybrid (w/no retic parent) unprotected:
Lg/VLg: 'Tom Perkins', Louis & Joanne Raska
RU: 'Cile Mitchell', Bart Maris
Md: 'Island Sunset', Bart Maris
RU: 'Dancing Blaze', J. D. & Kay Thomerson
Sm: 'Punkin', Louis & Joanne Raska
RU: 'Spring Daze', J. D. & Kay Thomerson

Miniature unprotected:
BB: 'Men's Mini', Charles & Donna Nichols
RU: 'Miss Lakeland', Sandra Wyche

Best Species grown Protected or Unprotected:
BB: C. amplexicaulis, John Swanson
RU: C. nitidissima, Louis & Joanne Raska

White Bloom unprotected:
BB: 'Leila Gibson', Louis & Joanne Raska
RU: 'Snow Chan', Charles & Donna Nichols


Best Seedling: 'JDT #17', J. D. & Kay Thomerson

Best Sport (Mutant) Bloom: 'Madeleine', Bart Maris


Best Tray of Three-same variety unprotected:
BB: 'Sea Foam', Louis & Joanne Raska
RU: 'Frank Houser', Louis & Joanne Raska

Best Tray of Five-different varieties unprotected:
BB: Five Beautiful Blooms, Louis & Joanne Raska
RU: Five Beautiful Blooms, Bart Maris

Best Plate of Three Different Blooms - one each - Large, Medium & Small:
BB: Five Beautiful Blooms, Bart Maris
RU: Five Beautiful Blooms, Louis & Joanne Raska


Novice Blooms:
BB: 'Pink Perfection', Tim Fischer
RU: 'Taylor's Perfection', Lynn Richarson


Club Blooms:

Best Red: 'Don-Mac', Carolyn Mascow
Best White: 'Nuccio's Gem', Susan Dunn
Best Pink:L 'Henry E. Huntington', Joseph & Zlata Sabo
Best Variegated: 'Chief Arnold Var.', Everett Krug
Best Formal Double: 'Brooke', Susan Dunn
Best Pink Perfection: 'Pink Perfection', Jill Reed


Best Flower by Youth:
BB: 'Ginny Anderson Var.', Tanairi Pagan
RU: 'Governor Mouton', Tanairi Pagan


Best Bloom Registered by Clarence & Lillian Gordy:
BB: 'Alcyone Ostberg', J. D. & Kay Thomerson
RU: 'Marie Crawford', J. D. & Kay Thomerson