Camellian - Vol. IV, No. 4 - November 1953


4 .. History of Camellia Culture in Belgium.

By G. Boesman and Professor S. F. Cortvriendt, Ghent, Belgium

6 .. A Sophomore Advises the Freshman

By Mansfield Latimer, Rock Hill, S. C.

10 .. Greenhouse Camellia Culture

By Wilbur (Bill) Doak, Atlanta, Georgia

11 .. Camellias May Be Successfully Grown Outside in Colder Climates

By Mrs. Aileen Gillingham Peterson, Norfolk, Virginia

12 .. Let's Think It Over ... Carefully

By. C. Tourje, San Gabriel, California

14 .. Camellia Pests and Their Control

By C. E. Smith, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

16 .. Frank Opinions

By Dieback, Hertz and Howe

18 .. Search for the Japanese Snow Camellia

By Ralph Peer and Eikichi Satomi

20 .. A Camellia Garden Is Born

By Bernard A. Carlin, Mobile, Alabama

22 .. Additional Show Dates