Camellian - Vol. VI, No. 1 - January 1955


4 .. Camellias for Posterity

By Fredric Heutte, Norfolk, Va.

6 .. Camellias Are Proving Themselves in the Northern States

7 .. Growing Camellias Out-of-Doors in the Nations Capital

By Dr. Francis de Vos, Washington, D. C.

8 .. Preview on Four New Seedlings from Georgia

8 .. New Central California Varieties

By vernon R. james, Campbell, Calif.

9 .. The Sasanqua of Hizi-Mati

By Monique Peer, Los Angeles, Calif.

10 .. Reticulatas in the Norfolk-Suffolk Region of Virginia

By Fredric Heutte, Supt. of Parks, Norfolk, Va.

12 .. Bugs In the Garden

By Bugs Barringer, Rocky Mount, N. C.

13 .. Birth of a Seedling

By Ed McNeill, Altadena, Calif.

14 .. New Camellia "Maylene Wong"

15 .. More On Petal BVlight

16 .. Camellia Bud Drop in the Pee Dee Area of South Carolina

By Dr. Velma Matthews, Coker College, Hartsville, S. C.

17 .. And So Your Camellia Buds Were Damaged

By Mustav M. Aull

18 .. Frank Opinions

20 .. Information from the Mails

21 .. Container Culture of camellias

By David Cook, California Camellia Gardens, San Fernando, Calif.

22 .. Camellias In the Huntington Gardens

By A letter written by Edwards Metcalf, San Marino, Calif

23 .. Speaking of Companion Plants for Camellias

By D. B. Edge, Decatur, Ga.

23 .. Camellias Nourished by Love

By Mrs. A. C. Hopton. Jackson, Miss.

24 .. How to Fertilize a Camellia Society

By Maurine Twiss, Jackson, Miss.

25 .. Our Trip Through Gulf Coast Camellia Belt

By Frank Griffin, Sr., Editor

26 .. Camellias In the Tea Farm Gardens at Summerville, S. C.

By Lawrence A. Walker & Cannon F. Prettyman