Camellian - Vol. VI, No. 3 - November 1955


5 .. Camellia Flower Blight in Southern California

By Dr. C. A. Hanson, Whittier, Calif.

6 .. Camellias on the March

By Fredric Heutte, Norfolk, Va.

7 .. The Green Mantle

By Harvey Short, Ramona, Calif.

8 .. Who Has This Camellia?

By Robert O. Rubel, Mobile, Ala.

9 .. More About Seeds and Seedlings

By E. Carl Tourje, San Gabriel, Calif

11 .. Inside the Stock and Scion

By Dr. Walter C. Hava, Waveland, Miss.

13 .. Save Some of Your Seedlings

By Lawrence A. Walker, Summerville, S. C.

14 .. Give A Camellia Plant

By Bugs Barringer, Rocky Mount, N. C.

14 .. More About Our European Garden Tour

15 .. A Salute to Ozone Camellia Club and Camilla Bradley (Truax)

16 .. Men's Camellia Society of the South A Reality

17 .. Frank Opinions

By The Staff

18 .. Let's Put On An Easy Show

By Prof. Aubrey C. Harris, Shreveport, La.

19 .. Complete List of All Cmellia Shows 1955-56

19 .. Not By Size Alone

By Eron C. Tourje

23 .. Camellias In Western Australia

By W. HERITON, Redcliffe, W. Australia

26 .. How to Be A Grafter

By Irving Conklin, San Lorenzo, Calif.

31 .. January - California - A. C. S. Issue