Camellian - Vol. VII, No. 4 - November 1956


4 .. What Is The Best Month In The Year To Graft Camellias?

By S. L. Marbury, Pres., American Cmellia Society

5 .. Cold Resistant Camellias

By Dr. P. W. Zimmerman, Yonkers, N. Y.

7 .. "Yankee Cousins"

By Paul A. Norfolk, Hyattsville, Md.

8 .. Why We Pinch Off The Tap Root

By E. C. Tourje, San Gabriel, California

9 .. Tips On Container Culture

By David Cook, Pres. All America Camellia Selections

10 .. A New Camellia To Be Named - "CAROLYN WILLIS"

11 .. Notes From The Sage of Longview

Suggested by "Old Goat Whiskers"

11 .. Corrected Show Dates

12 .. Macon Welcomes the American Camellia Society

By C. W. Farmer, State Director ACS, Macon Ga.

12 .. Complete Program Annual Meeting American Camellia Society

13 .. We Are Not On Trial!

14 .. Temporary Shade For Camellias

By L. Polk Frye, Lake Charles, La.

18 .. Wilson's Camellia - An Important Addition to Camellia Literature

By P. K. Barua, Cinnamara, Assam

21 .. Frank Opinions

22 .. Varieties Recommended for the Washington Area

From notes by Dr. Francis de Vos, Washington D. C.

23 .. What Is The Typical Bloom Of A Variety?

By Vernon R. James, Campbell, Calif.

24 .. Fact and Suggestions For A beginner

By Mrs. W. A. Miller, Jr., Jackson, Miss.

26 .. Authors For Our January Issue

27 .. The Story of A Scion Scrounger

By O. F. Lowrey, Hattiesburg, Miss

28 .. About "Cinderella" And Her Poor Relation