Camellia Journal December 2009-February 2010


12 Flower Forms

A guide to recognizing and understanding the types of camellia blooms. By Bradford King.

18 China Red

A Chinese mutation of a California camellia gives us the unique ‘Red Leaf Bella’— a dazzling combination of dark red flowers and red leaves. By Gao Jiyin.


2 Spotlight: Camellia reticulata ‘Cornelian’

4 All Things Camellia: Some things are improved with a dash of salt

Galveston camellias surviving and thriving. The ICS incoming president goes on a whirlwind tour of the U.S. One visit with Gordon Goff changed the author’s camellia world.

6 Around Headquarters: ACS porcelain: “beauty, strength, truth and love”

A must-see at Massee Lane Gardens, our magnificent porcelain collection — second in a series.

8 Camellia Know-How: Landscaping with Camellias

Brad King tells us how to landscape with camellias — sturdy, useful plants plus beautiful flowers.