Camellia Journal December 2014 - February 2015

VOLUME 69, NO. 4

3 .. Table of Contents

The Cover: 'Betty Sheffield Supreme' has a marvelous white flower with a red-toned border. It is one of the best sports of 'Betty Sheffield'. Mrs. G. W. Alday of Thomasville, Georgia caught this sport and registered it in 1960.


6 .. Challenges & Solutions...Bradford King

Bradford King gives some answers to challenges faced by camellia growers, such as camellias that won’t bloom, overgrown camellia trees, gaps in the garden, hilly slopes, and tight spots.

10 .. Camellia Bridges...Bradford King

Bridges span obstacles and camellia bridges are plants used to overcome obstacles in hybridizing.

16 .. Antique Camellias Pre-1900 Japonicas: Our Camellia Heritage...Bradford King

Protecting pre-1900 camellia japonica cultivars is important, and public gardens are expected to lead the way.


2 .. Spotlight: C. reticulata ‘Massee Lane’...Bradford King

Named for ACS headquarters, this is a beautiful large pink flower with central golden stamens.

4 .. The Camellia Trail Gardens: Quitman, Georgia’s Camellia City & Home of the Betty Sheffield Memorial Garden...Lauren A. Basford

She planted the parks of Quitman, Georgia with roses, azaleas and camellias. Now she has her own Betty Sheffield Memorial Garden.

12 .. Remembering the Past: Walter Homeyer, M.D....Bradford King

Dr. Homeyer was a well known Macon, Georgia physician and world class camellia hybridizer who introduced 50 cultivars.

14 .. All Things Camellia: Pruning Camellias...Anna Sheets

Anna Sheets defines pruning and tells how to do it.

Camellia Chronicles

News of Special Interest to ACS Members

22 .. International Congress a Great Learning Experience...Florence Crowder

The ICS was an adventure and learning experience. Those attending were astounded at the quantity and quality of the camellias in the Spain and Portugal areas.

24 .. ACCS boasts 35 new members, 90 people attend convention

Learning sessions were a hit and Warren and Cheryl Thompson of Fort Valley, Georgia received an Award of Merit at the Atlantic Coast Camellia Society conference.

25 .. Plant Auctions, Learning Sessions Make GCCS Convention a Success

The learning sessions on grafting and air propagation were high points at the Gulf Coast Camellia Society convention.

26 .. Try the New ACS Website, You Will Like It!...ACS President Don Bergamini

ACS President Don Bergamini highlights features of the upgraded website.

27 .. Volunteers Needed!...ACS Executive Director Celeste Richard

ACS Executive Director Celeste Richard encourages Camellians to help locate foundations that will support ACS’ work.

28 .. Donations, Honorariums, and Memorials; New and Rejoining Members and New Cultivars.

29 .. 2015 American Camellia Society National Convention Schedule.

30 .. Creative Ways to Support the Platinum Challenge Capital Campaign

Planned gifts help ensure that the American Camellia Society can promote the love of camellias and gardening for generations to come.

31 .. Advertisers

Please support the businesses and nurseries that advertise in the Journal.