Camellia Journal September 2014 - November 2014

Volume 69, Number 3

September-November 2014 Table of Contents

The Cover: ‘Ville de Nantes’ is the variegated sport of Dr. Van Siebold’s 1834 ‘Donckelaeri’ with a dark red medium large semidouble flower with upright fimbriated petals that blooms mid to late season. Enjoy the many different faces of this lovely bloom due to the type and amounts of variegation seen on this issue’s cover. All photographs are by Randolph Maphis, except the top right, which is a Hulyn Smith photograph.


4 My Search for the Perfect 'Ville de Nantes'

Tommy Alden is searching for a perfect ‘Ville de Nantes’. Here he discusses the meaning of perfection.

16 Early birds and early camellias draw attention

Sasanquas herald the camellia season, and gardeners everywhere look for those early blossoms just as they look forward to the first birds of the season. By Brad King.

19 Disneyland and Camellia Characters

From Cinderella to Goofy the Camellia World has borrowed from Disney’s world to name camellias. By Bradford King.


2 Spotlight: Camellia hybrid ‘Raspberry Flambé’

This blossom bursts forth like a great dessert in a four-star French restaurant. By Bradford King.

6 The Camellia Trail Gardens: Planting Fields Arboretum

This garden in Oyster Bay, New York began in 1915 and became the home of some 300 camellias brought from the Isle of Guernsey by William Robertson Coe. He built a lofty greenhouse to accommodate them. By Vincent A. Simeone.

8 All Things Camellia: ‘Oldies but Goodies’ Camellias from 1949 to 1965

J.D. Thomerson has a love for old things, particularly older camellias. He shares his thoughts and a gallery of camellias introduced from 1949 to 1965.

12 Remembering Our Past: Vernon McCaskill ‘High Wide’n Handsome’ as a camellia hybridizer

‘High Wide’n Handsome’ as a Camellia Hybridizer - Vernon McCaskill, owner of McCaskill Gardens and a prolific hybridizer from 1930 to 1988, had a knack for choosing descriptive names. By Bradford King.

15 All Things Camellia: Camelliaitis springs eternal

The newly tapped energy and enthusiasm for all-things-camellia in Newberg, Oregon seems almost unstoppable. By Martha Ragland.

Camellia Chronicles

News of Special Interest to ACS Members

22 All Things Camellia: News from the International Congress in Spain

The amenities at the International Camellia Society Congress were lavish and presentations spectacular, ranging from the history to the present day uses of camellias. By Florence Crowder.

25 Thank you! Thank you! for the good work

A major part of that work is being always ready to help people you meet grow their interest in camellias. And during the blooming season, share your flowers everywhere, ACS President Don Bergamini says.

26 Announcing 100% Commitment

ACS Executive Director Celeste Richard encourages us to attend special events and shows in our communities and spread the word about camellias.

27 Donations, Honorariums, and Memorials

28 New and Rejoining Members

29 - 30 2015 National American Camellia Convention and Show “Camellias in the Red Hills Country”

The Tallahassee Camellia Society invites you to attend a spectacular convention in January. See the details and schedule.

30 New Cultivars

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32 ACS Bequest

Help us do more of what we do well.