Camellia Journal June - August 2016

VOLUME 71, NO. 2


6 .. Precious Gold and Silver Camellias...Bradford King

This article shows off some of the camellias named for precious metals.

12 .. Behind the Great Wall of China...Bradford King

Bradford King tells the background stories behind the Chinese names of Northern California camellia hybridizer John Wang’s camellia introductions.

16 .. Dancing Camellias...Bradford King

Many camellias named for dance styles have C. saluenensis and C. japonica parents.


2 .. Spotlight: C. reticulata hybrid ‘Miss Tulare’...Bradford King

This blossom, introduced by M. W. Abramson, is one of the few formal double reticulatas.

4 .. Remembering Our Past: Frank Pursel...Bradford King

Frank Pursel introduced 112 reticulata hybrids, which is 13 percent of the 878 reticulata camellias listed in the 2014 Camellia Nomenclature.

10 .. The Camellia Trail Gardens: Polly Hill Arboretum...Tom Clark

Polly Hill began her Martha’s Vineyard arboretum when she was 50 years old and introduced cultivars that thrive in the maritime climate.

15 .. In Search of Lost Loves: 'Anita'...Gene Phillips

Gene Phillips highlights ‘Anita’, introduced by Armstrong Nurseries of Ontario, California in 1940.

21 .. All Things Camellia: Book Review...Bradford King

Bradford King describes "Illustrations of the New Camellia Hybrids That Bloom Year-round" by Gao Jiyin, Liu Xinkai and Zhao Qiangmin, which features brief descriptions of each cultivar in Chinese and English.

Camellia Chronicles

News of Special Interest to ACS Members

23 .. Aiken Camellia Society’s Education Programs Attract New Members...Camille Bielby

Aiken Camellia Society’s Education Programs Attract New Members - The Aiken Camellia Society won the 2015-2016 Show Seasons’ Best Membership Promotion Table Contest.

24 .. Celebrating Camellias in Lynchburg – it’s a “Three-peat”...Bill Hutter

Bill Hutter gives an overview of the club’s third planting of camellias in a Lynchburg, Virginia park.

25 .. The Future is in Your Hands...ACS President Jim Campbell

ACS President James Campbell describes bylaw changes, that give local clubs the opportunity to nominate a member for Board of Director positions, which is crucial to the health of ACS.

26 .. Mild Winter Most Welcome...ACS Executive Director Celeste Richard

ACS Executive Director Celeste Richard thanks staff and local volunteers who were kept very busy this season guiding group tours through our beautiful gardens.

27 .. New and Rejoining Members

29 .. Donations, Memorials, Honorariums, and New Cultivars Registered with the ACS

30-31 .. Advertisers

32 .. ACS National Convention Schedule in Newburg, Oregon