Camellia Journal December 2012 - February 2013

VOLUME 67, NO. 4

3 .. Table of Contents

'Mary Edna Curlee' is a pink splotched, medium peony flower with rose pink and darker red highlights, introduced in 1996 by Miles Beach.


4 .. Miniature Camellias: Pretty, Perky And Not To Be Overlooked...Bradford King

Camellia sinensis the most widely grown and useful in the world. But there are others, too, that bring us joy.

8 .. Camellias That Deserve More Attention...Bradford King

Bradford King looks at little known camellias and some which are oldies but goodies.


2 .. Spotlight: Camellia reticulata ‘Harold L. Paige’...Bradford King

A spectacular descendant of the Chinese Yunnan <em>reticulatas</em> brought to the U.S. in 1948. By Bradford King

14 .. All Things Camellia: A New Tea House and Ceremonial Tea Garden in the Huntington Botanical Gardens...Bradford King

The Japanese Garden and Tea House has been redone; this article includes Tea Ceremony pictures.

16 .. All Things Camellia: The bathtub...Art Gonos

This story is the beginning of a legend, a story of camellias, a flower show, a bathtub and the magical ingredient -- children.

18 .. Camellia Know-How: Spider Mites...Bradford King

Bradford King tells all about spider mites and how to deal with them.

20 .. All Things Camellia: Summer 'Sweetheart'...Bradford King

Roger Vinson found 'Sweetheart' in full bloom in summer in the San Francisco Botanical Gardens, which leads to interesting ideas of creating more summer bloomers.

Camellia Chronicles

News of Special Interest to ACS Members

21 .. Winter Convention in Napa, CA-January 30-February 2, 2013

23 .. My Introduction to the Queen of Flowers...Bobbi Adams

Bobbi Adams tells of her entry into the camellia world and of the work of the Lee County Historical Society at James House.

24 .. ACS President's Medal Awarded to Dr. Parks and Dr. Ackerman

Two U.S. botanists and camellia experts have been honored for their extraordinary contributions to the camellia world.

25 .. Atlantic Coast Camellia Society's 2012 Annual Convention...Donna Denton

The group met at Litchfield, S.C., holding official meetings, socials, and an outstanding auction at which a 'Ray Gentry Variegated' sold for $300.

27 .. Gulf Coast Camellia Society's 50th Anniversary Annual Convention...Dr. Pat Hegwood

This group celebrated this milestone in Natchez, MS, with good business meetings, socials, and a special serenade.

28 .. Camellia Season Brings Much Work, Much Fun...ACS President Matt Hunter

The season is underway with its usual rush of work and fun. ACS President Matt Hunter tells how to enjoy it all.

29 .. Troublemaker...Executive Director Celeste M. Richard

You never know who you will meet in the Camellia World. ACS Executive Director Celeste Richard tells how an intruding troublemaker became a friend.

30 .. New Members, Donations, Memorials, Honorariums and Cultivars

31 .. Advertisers

Please support the nurseries and businesses that advertise in the ACS Camellia Journal.

32 .. Visit Magnolia Plantation

Magnolia Plantation is America's Preeminent Romantic Garden