Camellia Journal March 2012 - May 2012

VOLUME 67, NO. 1

3 .. Table of Contents

The deep red large semidouble, peony to formal double flower 'Miss Charleston' was introduced in 1961 by W. I. Gill of Adams Run, South Carolina, to honor the coronation of lovely young women as Miss Charleston. Cover Photo by Bradford King.


4 .. Dark red camellias warm the garden and heart...Bradford King

These dark flowers are exciting because they symbolize action, passion, and mystery.

8 .. Reticulata Camellias: There is More Than Meets the Eye!...Bradford King

The magnificent reticulata flowers are beautiful to the eye, but no one pair of eyes can see the diversity of even on cultivar. Bradford King explores the diversity of these cultivars.


2 .. Spotlight: Camellia japonica ‘Ruta Hagmann’...Bradford King

One of the best peony formed reticulatas, with multiple pink tones shading to coral.

13 .. All Things Camellia: Florence Crowder's Third Trip in Search of the Oldies...Florence Crowder

Baptizing a camellia in France was a special moment.

17 .. Camellia Know-How: Grooming Your Camellias...Bradford King

Groom camellias for size, form, and the removal of dead, damaged, weak or diseased branches. Bradford King tells how to do it.

Camellia Chronicles

News of Special Interest to ACS Members

24 .. Joe Nuccio a good nurseryman, 'Joe Nuccio' a great flower...Bradford King

'Joe Nuccio' commemorates one of the founders of Nuccio Nurseries.

22 .. Camellia Friends Spruce Up Massee Lane Gardens...Roger Ann Davis

Volunteers make a difference in the gardens at ACS headquarters.

24 .. New Cultivars

25 .. Manhattan Camellias...Gary Wolfe

Gary Wolfe tells how he grows camellias in an unusual spot in New York City.

26 .. Gulf Coast Camellia Society Convention...Dr. Patrick Hegwood

Well planned, well organized and loads of fun.

27 .. Everything and Much More!...ACS President Matt Hunter

ACS President Matt Hunter says the Norfolk Convention has set a new threshold that will be difficult to cross.

28 .. Friends of Camellias & a Plant Summit...ACS Executive Director Celeste M. Richard

ACS Executive Director Celeste Richard reports that donations are up significantly over last year and plant societies plan a major summit meeting.

29 .. Donations, Memorials, and Honorariums

30 .. New Members

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32 .. Visit Massee Lane Gardens

An International Camellia Society 'Garden of Excellence'