Camellia Journal June 2015 - August 2015

Volume 70, Number 2


4 Camellias Named for Flowers

Camellia flowers, like ‘Pink Perfection’, that resemble other flowers sometimes get the flowers’ names. By Bradford King

12 Dappled Sunlight

Different camellias need different amounts of sunlight, including dappled sunlight. By Bradford King

16 Retired But Not Forgotten

Camellias came to the United States from Europe and Asia, and many of those older cultivars now are only seen in public gardens that are committed to preserving old and new camellias. By Bradford King


2 Spotlight: C. reticulata hybrid Linda Carol

This blossom, introduced by Frank Pursel, wins points at camellia shows. By Bradford King

11 The Camellia Trail Gardens: San Francisco Botanical Garden 75 Years Old

The Botanical Garden has over 8,000 plants from around the world, and 600 of them are camellias.

20 Remembering Our Past: Kramer Brothers Nurseries

Kramer Brothers, a family affair from 1929-1986, were known for their camellias, azaleas and gardenias. By Bradford King

Camellia Chronicles

News of Special Interest to ACS Members

22 Uniquely Charleston

Get ready for the 2016 American Camellia Society Convention in Charleston, South Carolina.

23 A Fond Farewell

ACS President Don Bergamini is appreciative of the assistance he has received in his two years as president.

24 Taking a Deep Breath

ACS Executive Director Celeste Richard is “taking a deep breath” after the camellia season and focusing on renovations and cleanup projects at Massee Lane Gardens.

25 Membership Contest Results

ACS added 76 new memberships and members had fun doing it. Middle Georgia Camellia Society led the contest.

26 Membership Table Contest Results

Six clubs entered this contest, with Baton Rouge Camellia Society taking top honors.

28 - 29 Donations, Memorials, Honorariums; and New and Rejoining Members

30 Cultivar Registrations

32 Advertisements

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