Camellia Journal September 2015 - November 2015

Volume 70, Number 3


4 It's Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Take a walk and look for the unexpected in your neighborhood. In this article Bradford King tells about things he sees and shows us some interesting sights.

9 Ficklings Honored With Camellia Naming Ceremony

William Arthur Fickling, Jr. and the late William Arthur Fickling, Sr. were honored with a camellia naming ceremony for their contributions to Central Georgia. By Camille Bielby.

10 Camellias for the Small Garden or Patio

Some camellias are perfect for small gardens or decorating the patio. By Bradford King.

20 64 Years of Ozone Camellia Festival Shows

This annual camellia extravaganza in Slidell, Louisiana features a flower show, an art contest for students, and a camellia court. By Robert Stroud.


2 .. Spotlight C. japonica 'Eleanor Martin Supreme'

This spectacular variegated blossom is a treat to see on the bush or in the show. By Bradford King.

15 Remembering Our Past Dr. Robert Cutter & Ken Hallstone

These two men are noted for their work in breeding camellias for fragrance. By Bradford King.

16 Celebrating the Camellias of Middleton Place

The camellia collection, which now puts garden visitors into “a condition of ecstasy” may have begun with four camellia plants, which were a gift from French botanist André Michaux in 1786. By M. Tracey Todd.

Camellia Chronicles

News of Special Interest to ACS Members

22 Fetterman generosity recognized with Pyron Award

The Joseph H. Pyron Award is given to Annabelle Lundy Fetterman, the first female President of ACS, for her many contributions to the organization. By Camille Bielby.

24 ACS Announces Member Participation Activities for Upcoming Camellia Show Season

A new Best ACS Membership Recruitment Table contest begins October 1, 2015 and an electronic membership sale is planned to increase membership.

25 Welcome, Camellia Friends and Members

New ACS President Jim Campbell reviews recent ACS decisions and reminds members of the importance of the Endowment Fund in sustaining ACS in the future.

26 Gift Shop Renovation Complete

ACS Executive Director Celeste Richard shows off the beauty of the renovation work, including the millstone incorporated into the floor.

28 The 2016 ACS National Convention

Enjoy an atmosphere that is Uniquely Charleston at the annual convention on January 19-23, 2016. Our hosts are the Coastal Carolina Camellia Society and they are awaiting our arrival in the low country!

30 Donations, New Members and Cultivars.

31 Advertisers and Nursery Listing

Please support the businesses and nurseries that advertise in the Journal.