Camellia Journal December 2018 - February 2019

VOLUME 73, NO. 4

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The Cover: C. japonica 'Tama-no-ura' was discovered in the wild by Tomokazu Fujita in 1947 in Tama-no-ura, Fuku'e Island, Goto Archipelago, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan, and named and released by the Prefectural Camellia Society. Photo by Bradford King


16 .. Camellias with Economic Value...Bradford King

Bradford King describes commercially important camellias.


2 .. Spotlight: Camellia japonica ‘Lily Pons’...Bradford King

The camellia ‘Lily Pons’ has a striking white medium single to semi-double flower with a cluster of long stamens.

4 .. The American Camellia Trail: Bellingrath Gardens...Forrest Latta

Bellingrath Gardens is highlighted by Forrest Latta who tells us how Bessie Bellingrath’s vision lead to what Bellingrath is today.

7 .. In Search of Lost Loves...Gene Phillips

Gene Phillips highlights C. japonica ‘Otome-Tsubaki’, introduced in Japan around 1829.

8 .. Camellia Treasures from Japan: Camellias with Unusual Foliage...Bradford King

Interest in camellias with variegated foliage is increasing.

11 .. Camellia Color Psychology: Yellow...Bradford King

Yellow camellia species originated in China and Vietnam.

14 .. Noteworthy Camellias for the 21st Century: ‘Chief Arnold’...Mark Crawford

Mark Crawford’s new column focuses attention on newer camellias.

15 .. Snow in Heaven...John Grimm

John Grimm describes the beauty of camellias after a southern snow storm.

Camellia Chronicles

20 .. Preservation Preservation Preservation...Florence Crowder

Florence Crowder explains what camellia preservation is and who preservationists are.

23 .. ACS Convention

Mobile, Alabama, February 15-18, 2019

24 .. For the Life of Me...ACS President Jim Dickson

ACS President Jim Dickson doesn’t understand why everyone isn’t as excited as we are about our beautiful winter queen.

25 .. Reflecting on Another Successful Year...ACS Executive Director Celeste Richard

Celeste Richard reflects on her decade at Massee Lane Gardens and the 50th anniversary of the Gardens’ dedication as the ACS headquarters.

26 .. “No Brittany Garden without a Camellia”...Brad King

Brad King describes the floral arrangements enjoyed during the ICS Congress in March.

29 .. American Camellia Society Club Director Election

30 .. New and Rejoining Members, Donations, Honorariums and Memorials, and ACS Member Highlight: Jim Stutts

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