Camellia Journal June - August 2018

VOLUME 73, NO. 2

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The Cover: C. hybrid 'Dream Boat' has a medium to large pink flower with a beautiful lavender cast on the incurved petals, making a lovely formal double bloom. This hybrid is a cross between C. saluenensis and C. japonica 'K. Sawada' with up to 50 petals. Caption and Photo by Bradford King.


4 .. Love-Hate Relationship...Bradford King

Bradford King explains why he loves and hates a few camellia cultivars.

10 .. Camellia Flower Symbolism Around the World...Bradford King

Bradford King discusses the variety of intense feelings expressed by camellia flowers.

14 .. An American in Paris...Bradford King

Bradford King shares photographs of ACS members enjoying the International Camellia Society Congress in France.


2 .. Spotlight: Camellia japonica 'White Mermaid'...Bradford King

Camellia japonica ‘White Mermaid’ is the white sport of ‘Kingyoba-tsubaki’ with a single medium bloom and was named for its fishtail leaves.

7 .. In Search of Lost Loves...Gene Phillips

Gene Phillips highlights C. japonica ‘Lisa Adele Shuman’, which was introduced in 1989 by Johnny Aldrich, a local postman from Georgia with a passion for growing camellias.

8 .. Camellia Treasures from Japan: Camellia wabisuke...Bradford King

The flowers of these hybrids are small, single, and tubular growing on small to medium leafed, shrub-like plants that add variety to the landscape.

16 .. Camellia Color Psychology: Pink...Bradford King

Beautiful pink camellia flowers are soothing and peaceful and can help us relax and enjoy life.

Camellia Chronicles

News of Special Interest to ACS Members

22 .. Alabama Camellia Society to Host 2019 Convention

Celebrate the 60th anniversary of the designation of the camellia as Alabama’s state flower and bicentennial of statehood.

24 .. Sharing...ACS President Jim Dickson

ACS President Jim Dickson discusses how ACS Membership can create or renew a bond based on a shared interest in camellias.

25 .. Coalition of the American Plant Societies (CAPS)...ACS Executive Director Celeste Richard

Celeste Richard explains how the coalition helps plant societies adapt to the ever changing trends in horticulture.

26 .. Report from the 2018 International Camellia Congress...Forrest Latta

Forrest Latta reports on the Nantes, France camellia congress.

29 .. New and Rejoining Members

30 .. Honorariums, Memorials and Donations

31 .. Gulf Coast Camellia Society Convention Invitation

The Gulf Coast Camellia Society has put together an educational and entertaining convention schedule for the annual fall, to be held in historic Pensacola, Florida.

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