Camellia Journal March - May 2018

VOLUME 73, NO. 1

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The Cover: C. japonica 'Black Magic' has a very dark glossy red, medium, irregular semi-double to rose form bloom, with unusual holly-like foliage. The midseason to late season bloom was introduced in 1992 by Nuccio's Nurseries of Altadena, California. Cover Photo by Bradford King


4 .. Camellia Romance...Bradford King

Bradford King describes camellias linked to love and romance.

12 .. Camellia Pollinators...Bradford King

Bradford King discusses camellia pollinators: birds, bees and humans.


2 .. Spotlight: Camellia hybrid 'Waltz Time Variegated'...Bradford King

This single medium lavender pink flower was registered in 1961 by McCaskill Gardens in Pasadena, California.

9 .. Camellia Treasures from Japan - Camellia rusticana...Bradford King

In Japan, the camellia flower is called “yuki tsubaki” or “snow camellia.”

16 .. Camellia Color Psychology: Red...Bradford King

Bradford King introduces a new Department that analyzes bloom colors.

21 .. In Search of Lost Loves...Gene Phillips

Gene Phillips highlights C. japonica ‘K. Sawada’ which was introduced in 1940 by Overlook Nursery of Mobile, Alabama.

Camellia Chronicles

22 .. Covington, Louisiana Convention Success!

The Mardi Gras parade was the icing on the King Cake at this annual meeting. Hunter Charbonnet passes a good time on the Gulf Coast.

24 .. Ozone Queen...Carol Wolfram

Carol Wolfram tells us how Mary Elizabeth Dowden was crowned 2017 Ozone Camellia Queen by her grandfather, Robert Stroud, during the 67th St. Tammany Ozone Camellia Festival and Show in Slidell, Louisiana.

26 .. President's Message: The Long and the Short of It...ACS President Jim Dickson

ACS President Jim Dickson tells us how Augusta, Georgia revived their camellia show after 39 years.

27 .. Club Director Election Results...ACS Executive Director Celeste Richard

Celeste Richard gives ACS members the results of the 2018 Club Director election. Welcome aboard new candidates!

28 .. Save the Date

The Alabama Camellia Society is hosting the next ACS annual convention in Mobile, Alabama, on February 15-19, 2019.

29 .. New and Rejoining Members

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