Camellia Journal September - November 2018

VOLUME 73, NO. 3

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The Cover: C. japonica 'Silver Anniversary' is a large semi-double white flower introduced by Nuccio's in 1960. Photo by Bradford King


16 .. The Village Green...Bradford King

Bradford King describes camellias reminiscent of village greens or parks.

20 .. The Hunt for ‘General Washington’...Bradford King

Bradford King shares the story of finding a C. japonica ‘General Washington’ in the Nantes Botanical Garden during a tour of Nantes, France.

21 .. Fifty Years at Massee Lane Gardens...Forrest Latta

Forrest Latta tips his hat to Dave Strother and those whose who helped put ACS and Massee Lane Gardens on the map in 1968.


2 .. Spotlight: Camellia japonica ‘Toichi Domoto’...Bradford King

Camellia japonica ‘Toichi Domoto’ is a beautiful medium formal to rose form double rose pink bloom with deep rose pink stripes.

4 .. The American Camellia Trail: Mobile Botanical Gardens...Forrest Latta

Forrest Latta tells us the significance of the camellia collection in the K. Sawada WinterGarden.

7 .. In Search of Lost Loves...Gene Phillips

Gene Phillips highlights C. japonica ‘Judge Solomon’, which was introduced by Nuccio’s Nurseries in 1956.

8 .. Camellia Treasures from Japan: Camellia sasanqua...Bradford King

Sasanquas are a species of camellia native to the coastal forests of the southern Japanese archipelago.

11 .. Camellia Color Psychology: White...Bradford King

White camellia flowers with no blemishes are a lovely sight.

14 .. Noteworthy Camellias for the 21st Century: ‘Sweetie Pie’...Mark Crawford

Mark Crawford’s new column focuses attention on newer camellias.

Camellia Chronicles

News of Special Interest to ACS Members

24 .. Change, Change, Change!...ACS President Jim Dickson

ACS President Jim Dickson encourages members to visit Massee Lane Gardens.

25 .. United States Hosting International Guests in 2024...ACS Executive Director Celeste Richard

Celeste Richard explains camellia lovers from overseas will be descending here and camellia-mania will be present for about three weeks.

26 .. Alabama Camellia Society to host 2019 Convention

Register soon for the early bird rate and get ready to enjoy tours, banquets, and the national camellia show.

28 .. American Camellia Society Season Promotions

Learn about the new introductory membership category, Club Director nominations, and planning tips for the 2018-2019 camellia show season.

31 .. New and Rejoining Members, Donations, Honorariums and Memorials

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